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Exceptional Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

As the weather heats up, air conditioners are working overtime to keep homes and businesses cool. However, many people don’t realize that their AC unit needs regular maintenance in order to function properly. Maintaining your air conditioner is critical for energy efficiency, comfort, occupant health, and overall unit function. By regularly cleaning the unit and changing the filter, you can extend the lifespan of your AC unit and save money on costly repairs or early replacement.

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Exceptional Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance will help your unit run more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bill. So, don’t wait until your AC unit breaks down to call a repairman – make sure to schedule regular maintenance appointments to keep your unit running smoothly all summer long. Air Conditioning & Heating offers comprehensive AC maintenance services that will keep your unit in top condition.

About Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Our AC maintenance services include:

Inspection of the unit – We will thoroughly inspect your unit to identify any potential problems.

Cleaning of the unit – We will clean the coils, blower, and other parts of the unit to remove dirt and debris.

Filter replacement – We will replace your old filter with a new one to ensure optimal airflow.

Lubrication of parts – We will lubricate the moving parts of your unit to prevent friction and wear.

After our AC maintenance services, you can rest assured knowing that your unit is in top condition and will keep you cool all summer long. Contact us at (281) 699-8805 to schedule your AC maintenance appointment today.

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